Birthday Parties

Birthday fun with Bits of Bliss!!

Each party will feature either a mini cake, 6 cupcakes, or 6 sugar cookies each to decorate. There will be guided designs, but we are happy to help each person achieve what they want to within experience and time constraints.

Hi Melissa!

I wanted to follow up and say thank you for the wonderful birthday party you put together for Aila and her friends. Aila has done a lot of cake decorating on her own so I was worried she might feel limited or bored but the opposite was true. From the kids perspective, they were excited to have free reign to make their own creation and liked having choices with respect to the tools and toppings they would use. From the adult perspective, it was super cool to see how different each cake turned out and to see that each child, no matter how different they are, found their groove and did their own thing. Also, it was really neat to send them home with their own cake instead of a goodie bag! 🙂

Thanks again for doing this for us! I think it was a real hit all round! 🙂



$220 per party. This includes:

  • 2 hours of kitchen time
  • 2 experienced staff
  • setup and cleanup
  • baked goods for up to 4 attendees including birthday person
  • extra attendees $15 each, maximum of 8 decorators, including birthday person

Get in touch any time and we'll check our bakery's availability at your preferred date.

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